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72800: Gilt Bronze Polychrome Nude Lady Knife Juggler Marquet - 11,500.00

Superb antique gilt and polychrome bronze nude dancing lady knife juggler wearing only a belt of bells. He has reddish polychrome hair. She stands on one foot juggling 3 knives with both hands and one foot. She has a bracelet with a bell and a belt with bells. This is a very animated sculpture, she looks alive as she dances and juggles the knives. Her head is bent to one side focusing carefully on the knife in her right hand. This is an extremely rare sculpture the only one we have seen in our more than 45 years specializing in antique bronze sculptures, antiques, paintings, decorative arts and jewelry. She is dancing on a gorgeous polished base that looks like ribbon agate or onyx. She measures 19 inches high from the bottom of the base to the top of her hand. Not including the original base, the juggler measures 15-3/8 inches to the top of her hand. The base measure 4-1/4 inches wide by 4-1/4 inches deep, and 3-3/4 inches high. From her back to the tip of her toe balancing the knife she measures 8 inches. From her right to left hand she measures 10 inches. The sculpture is signed and numbered on the knife blade she holds in her left hand. Please click enlargements to show greater details. She is signed Marquet and is also numbered and marked bronze. This is an Art Deco sculpture dating circa 1915. if you have been looking for a unique sculpture to add to your collection you have found it here. She is an exquisite example of the finest quality nude bronze dancers ever to come on the market for sale. Guaranteed to please the most discerning collector or connoisseur.

76806: Hagenauer Art Deco Austrian Vienna Bronze African Warrior - 223.00

Hagenauer Art Deco Austrian Bronze African Warriors. These are beautiful and rare original Hagenaur African tribesman bronzes holding a spear and shield. These are early pieces from the 1930s with the WHW Hagenaur mark. We have 3 of these figures available all from one collection. The African style bronzes measure 5-3/4 inches high by 3-3/4 inches wide. They are in good condition. Commensurate with age and use. The spears can be adjusted for balance. Three available. $223. each (MD)

76818: Hagenauer Austrian Art Deco Vienna Bronze Man Carrying Baskets R.R. Vienna - 250.00

Hagenauer Austrian Art Deco Vienna Bronze Man Carrying Baskets inscribed on the underside of the base R.R. Vienna and Made in Austria. This is a rare model I have not seen before. It measures 4-1/2 inches to the top of his hat. Basket to basket it measures 5 inches wide. Excellent condition. All of these Hagenauer Art Deco Vienna Bronzes came from the same collection.

76785: Large Antique Cold Painted Vienna Bronze English Bulldog - 880.00

Large Antique Cold Painted Vienna Bronze English Bulldog. This is a rare model, very lifelike and beautifully sculptured. It's large and heavy enough to be used as a great paper weight. There are no markings or signature. It measures from the front of its mouth to the back of its tail 7-1/2 inches. Widest width 3-1/4 inches. Height to the top of its ears 4 inches. Weight 3.2 pounds. In my more than 50 years collecting antique bronzes I have never seen this model for sale before. It is in excellent condition guaranteed to please the new owner.

75288: Large Antique Tiffany Studios New York 1746 Gold Patenated Bronze Tray - 385.00

Large Antique Tiffany Studios New York 1746 Gold Patenated Bronze Tray. The tray has a 12 inch diameter. Height 5/8 inch. It is signed on the udnerside Tiffany Studios New York 1746. It has an unusual textured surface, it is brighter gold on the underside and a more mottled bronze and gold on top. It is in very good pre owned condition with no dents, dings or scratches. This is a big very attractive Tiffany tray it weighs 939.6 grams.

76231: Large Antique Vienna Bronze 2 Figure Sculpture Carpet Seller & Man Smoking Pipe - 2,500.00

Large Antique Vienna Bronze 2 Figure Sculpture Carpet Seller & Man Smoking Pipe. The carpet seller stands 6 3/4 inches high. The kneeling man smoking a pipe measures 4 1/2 inches high. The carpet seller is displaying a carpet in two hands. His assistant is kneeling smoking a pipe in front of a stand with a teapot and two cups. It measures from the front of the carpet to the back of the carpet sellers hand 7 1/2 inches . Widest width 7 inches. The underside is inscribed Made In Austria and is also inscribed BK. This bronze sculpture is in excellent condition with most of its original hand painted vibrant colors intact. This is a very rare model.

76685: Large Antique Vienna Bronze Hookbeaked Exotic Bird On A Metal Perch - 358.00

Large Antique Vienna Bronze Hookbeaked exoticb bird on a metal perch. The bird has much of its original cold paint patina in tact. It is not signed or marked anywhere we can see. The bird measures from the bottom of its tail to the top of its head 6-1/2 inches. From the bottom of the stand to the top of its head it measures 7-3/4 inches. This is a nice one from an old collection have never seen this model before.

76016: Large Antique Vienna Bronze Vide Poche Deer & Fawn Otto Jarl Austrian 1856-1915 - 1,600.00

Large Antique Vienna Bronze Vide Poche Deer & Fawn Otto Jarl Austrian Sculptor 1856-1915. This is a beautiful and very rare Vienna Bronze Vide poche depicting a very life like and beautifully sculptured deer and fawn. I is artist signed and inscribed Wien for Vienna bronze. The vide poche is a nice sized one measuring 11-1/2 inches wide 11 inches deep, height 6 inches. Weight 13.2 pounds.The deer and fawn are standing on a wooded area just above a lake or pond. The mother deer has her right front hoof in the water. They both seem very lifelike and aware of their surroundings. This will make a wonderful addition to any antique Vienna Bronze or 19th to early 20th century bronze collection. It is in excellent condition.

75899: Large Antique Vienna Bronze Woman Signed R. Kuchler (Rudolph Kuchler 1867-1954) - 2,230.00

Large Antique Vienna Bronze Signed R. Kuchler (Rudolph K. Kuchler, Austrian Sculptor 1867-1954) depicts a woman with a beautiful face holding a basket of flowers in one hand and a single flower in her right hand. This bronze is beautifully sculptured the woman has flowers on each side of her hair and dangling curls. She is wearing a Diaphanous dress. She is mounted on a high quality specimen marble base. She measures 10-3/4 inches high not including the base. With the base she measure 14 inches high. From her right hand to the back of the flower basket it measures 7-1/8 inches deep. The bronze is in excellent condition and beautifully sculptured. Weight 12.4 pounds. Kuchler's bronze sculptures have auction records as high as $7500.00.

72047: Large Art Nouveau Bronze Nude Lady Peleschka Lunard - 5,500.00

Large beautiful antique Art Nouveau nude bronze lady artist inscribed on the base Peleschka Lunard. The bronze has a lovely medium chocolate brown patina. She's wearing a wreath in her hair and nothing else. This is a very rare lovely Art Nouveau nude bronze artist signed sculpture measuring 23-1/2 inches high. The base measures 2 inches. The bronze measures 21-1/4 inches. Diameter of base 5-1/2 inches. Weight: 22 lbs. This is a lovely Art Nouveau sculpture in excellent condition guaranteed to please as are all our items.

76276: Large Beautiful Gilt Bronze Semi Nude Lady Cherub Birds Math Moreau - 7,000.00

Large Beautiful Gilt Bronze Semi Nude Lady Cherub Birds Math Moreau Hors Concours. The sculptor Mathurin Moreau won numerous medals for his sculptures. He attended the school of Beautiful Arts and studied with the best sculptors of the era. He was the son of Jean- Baptiste - Luis- Joseph- Moreau. He was born November 18, 1822 and died in Paris January 14, 1912. He won a medal exhibiting at the Rome Exposition in the 1840's. He also continued to win medals at other expositions including the Universelle Exposition in 1859 and 1861 and 1863. He became a chevalier of the legion of honor in 1865. He went on to exhibit and win medals through the 1860's 70's and 80's. Mathurin Moreau is considered one of the most important French sculptors of the 19th centruy. His works are exhibited in museums in France, Europe and the U.S. The bronze we are offering is in excellent condition. It depicts a lovely young woman holding a child in her hands. The top of her robe only goes up to her waist. The child looks like a cherub without wings and is holding a bow in his left hand. It is inscribed Math Moreua Hors Concours. The side and back of the sculpture have two gilt bronze birds on sculptured branchers and a tree. The bottom of the sculpture has a pivot base reserved for the highest quality sculptures that can be turned easily on a pivot base. The bronze measures 24 inches high. From the flowing robe to the bird's wings 9 inches wide. Weight 31.4 pounds.

76792: Large Circa 1930's German Shepherd Vienna Bronze Dog - 385.00

Large Circa 1930's German Shepherd Vienna Bronze Dog. It is unsigned and unmarked. He is beautifully sculptured. This is large for a Vienna bronze dog most are much smaller. He weighs 3.8 pounds. He measures from the bottom of his paws to the top of his ears 7 plus inches. From the front his paws to the back of his upright tail he measures 5-1/3 inches. From paw to paw he measures 2-3/4 inches wide. He is in excellent condition guaranteed to please the new owner.

75692: Magnificent Antique Bronze Clodion Barbedienne Foundry Satyr Nude Nymph Bachus - 18,700.00

Superb antique bronze sculpture depicting a satyr, a nude nymph and a baby bachus. The bronze is inscrbed Clodion and F.Barbedienne Fondeur. This is finest F.Barbedienne Clodion sculpture I have seen in my more than 50 years collecting , appraising, buying and selling antique bronze sculpture. This example is from my own collection of antique mythological bronzes and has never been at auction or pictured on the interent. A lifetime of searching could not find a better example of this sculpture. It measures 22-1/2 inches high and has a widest width from side to side of 15-1/2 inches from the nude nymphs left foot to the back of the baby bachus head. The condition is superb. Guaranteed to please the most particular antique bronze collector.

72827: Magnificent Antique Cherub 3 Piece Clock Set - 16,000.00

Antique three piece French clock set consisting of a signed French clock inscribed Societe Excelsior. The clock is in the form of a chariot wheel. You can see the clock movement through its front glass cover. The spokes of the chariot wheel are gilt bronze. Above the chariot wheels stands a winged cherub holding reins attached to bits held in the mouths of two male lions that are pulling the chariot. The gilt bronze chariot is further adorned with a lion head holding a gilt bronze bar that supports the gilt bronze ropes that the lions are pulling. The top of the chariot is further adorned with a shell-like structure to its front, a tassel to its back and a fully cast winged long-tailed dragon carving at the back of the chariot. The chariot, cherub and lions are mounted on a Sienna marble base with gilt bronze decoration. The Sienna marble base has gilt bonze feet and very ornate decorative applications on the front. The clock is accompanied with two matching gilt and patinated bronze and Sienna marble five-light candelabras. This is one of the most beautiful and elegant early 19th Century clock sets that we have ever had the pleasure to offer. Superb condition worthy of the finest collection. Height of Clock: 17 1/2 inches Length of Base: 17 1/2 inches Width of Base: 5 1/2 inches Height of Candelabras: 19 1/2 inches Width at Widest Point: 9 1/2 inches Base of Candelabra: 4 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches

72791: Mechanical Bergman Vienna Bronze Erotica Cherub Box - 19,600.00

Extremely rare antique Vienna bronze mechanical erotica cherub jewelry box. When you lift the box top up you see the inside of a bronze jewelry box. When you press the little button on the front of the box and push cherub's head back it opens to reveal a beautiful polychrome satyr and nymph about to make love. This is one of the rarest Bergman bronzes, there are only 2 or 3 known examples of this model. It is signed Namgreb and also has the Bergman Foundry stamp behind the cherub on the base the cherub sits on. At first glance, you see a very sweet and beautiful seated cherub with his arrow in hand. It's only when you press the secret button and lift the box top back that you see the added surprise of the beautiful polychrome bronze lady and satyr. The box measures 6-1/4 inches wide, 3-1/4 inches deep and 5-1/2 inches high to the top of the cherub's head. Weight 4.25 lbs. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire the rarest erotica Vienna bronzes made by Bergman circa 1895. Excellent condition. Guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur.

57863: Monumental Antique Male Nude Bronze Thabard - 8,800.00

Monumental exhibition antique bronze male nude sculpture depicting a male nude and his bird artist signed Thabard ( Adolphe Martial Thabard, important French listed sculptor 1831-1905 ) Thabard studied under Duret one of the finest sculptors and teachers of the 19th century. Thabard exhibited at the Paris Salons from 1863 winning medals in 1863,1868,1872 including the silver medal at the Exposition Universelle of 1889. He became a Chevalier of the Legion d'Honneur in 1884. The sculpture we are offering is the original sculpture on the original exhibition pedestal from 1889 where this monumental bronze won the silver medal being chosen from the finest sculptures produced by the worlds leading artists and winning the silver medal. This was an achievement and honor bestowed on very few sculptors of the 19th century. Thabard is one of the finest and most talented sculptors the world has known. On the exhibition pedestal this magnificent bronze measures 65 inches tall. The bronze sculpture itself is 40 inches tall. The pedestal is 25 inches tall. From his elbow to the bird wing tip it measures 21-3/4 inches across. This magnificent sculpture was discovered on our last world wide buying trip. It is the first time this sculpture has visited the U.S. hopefully to find an appreciative new owner to proudly display and admire one of the worlds best and largest antique male nude sculptures. The condition is superb. This is your chance to own a unique museum quality sculpture at a very realistic price.

75722: Moreau-Vauthier Antique Allegorical F. Barbedienne Bronze Sculpture Fortune - 5,200.00

Superb antique Moreau-Vauthier Antique Allegorical F. Barbedienne Bronze Sculpture of Fortune. It is signed Moreau-Vauthier, for Paul (Gabriel Jean P.) Moreau- Vauthier, one of the best 19th century French sculptors. This gorgeous bronze sculpture of Fortune depicts Fortune standing on a wheel of progress with flowers at the bottom of the wheel. She is depicted moving forward with a form fitting flowing robe. In her right hand she holds a cornucopia. In her left hand she holds a long, handled, decorative instrument. The bronze is signed and dated Moreau-Vauthier 1878. It is also marked F. Barbedienne, Fondeur Paris and numbered 709. This model of Fortune is extremely well sculptured by one of the finest French sculptor's of the 19th century. The back of the bronze base has the Bardeienne foundry portrait seal and also reads MECANIQUE REDUCTION A.COLLAS BREVERTE around the portrait. Bronzes by this sculptor are very rare and are lacking in almost every collection of 19th century bronzes. I have only owned 2 sculptures by this artist in my 50 years of buying, selling, collecting and appraising antique bronzes. This sculpture is beautiful viewed from any angle, she is very lifelike and exquisitely sculptured. She measures 21 inches high from the top of the cornucopia to the bottom of the base. Widest width 5-1/2 inches. The base measures 4-3/4 inches square. Weight 12.4 pounds. The bronze is in superb excellent condition guaranteed to please the most particular bronze sculpture collector.

75713: Mythological Nude Nymph with Young Satyr Antique Bronze Henri Allouard 1844-1929 - 10,000.00

Mythological Nude Nymph with Young Satyr Antique Bronze Henri Allouard 1844-1929. This superb antique mythological bronze depicts a beautiful reclining nude lady nymph pushing away a young satyr by the ear who is trying to make an advance on her. The subject is extremely lifelike and beautifully sculptured. The bronze is in excellent condition and has a beautiful rich chocolate brown and medium brown patina. The medium brown patina is a lion skin that the nude is laying on. The satyr and the beautiful nude lady have a rich chocolate brown patina. It is signed on the front left below the lady's right leg H ALLOUARD. The bronze is titled LUTINERIE. She has a beautiful smiling face, serene but very strong. She wears a wreath of flowers in her hair and is very beautiful. She seems amused by the baby satyr but has a firm grip on his ear letting him know to back away. Henri Allouard is an important French sculptor born in 1849, died in 1929. This is a superb example of this sculptor's fine work. It measures 13 inches high 22 inches long and 11 inches deep. Weight 46.6 pounds. Guaranteed to please the new owner.

53713: Old Vienna Bronze Race Horse - 187.00

Old Vienna Bronze Race Horse, circa 1950's. Excellent original condition. Some very minor losses to paint. Height 3-1/4 inches, length from tail to nose 4 inches, width at widest point 3/4 of an inch.

72804: Pair Antique Bronze Putto Vases With Gilt Handles - 700.00

Exquisite pair of antique vases with chocolate brown patina puttos climbing up the sides of the vases. The vases have gilt bronze handles and gilt inserts. The babies crawling up the sides are very lifelike and beautifully sculptured. The vases measure 6-1/4 inches high, width from handle to handle measures 3-7/8 inches. The puttos measure from the bottom of their feet to the top of their heads 4 inches. Weight 3 lbs. Both vases are in very good condition showing minor rubbing and a couple of insignificant dings commensurate with age and use. The putto figures are solid bronze. The vases are patinated white metal. Guaranteed to please as are all our items.

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