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72078: Beautiful Antique Gilt Bronze Nude With Dove R. Cajani - $2,950.00

Beautiful antique gilt bronze nude lady giving her pet dove a kiss. She's not quite nude she wears a belt and a sash. This is an exceptionally well sculptured example, very lifelike and beautifully proportioned. This is a wonderful composition in excellent condition. On her rouge marble base, she measures 14-1/4 inches high. Diameter of base 5-3/4 inches. Not including the marble base, she measures 12-1/2 inches. Weight 14-1/2 lbs. This is a gorgeous bronze sculpture guaranteed to please as are all our items.

75878: Beautiful Antique Gilt Metal Komei Japanese Signed Box - $250.00

Beautiful Antique Gilt Metal Komei Japanese Signed Box. The box depicts mountains and buildings in gold against a black background. The sides of the box have gold insects flying and the underside of the box has the artist marking in gold. When you open the box it is brilliant gold inside with buildings, birds and trees on the top. On the bottom there is another bird on the edge of the cliff with plants in the background. The box opens perfectly and closes securely like a bank vault. This is a finely made antique Japanese Komei box measuring just under 2-1/4 inches long by 1-5/8 inches wide by 7/8 inch high. Weight 93.9 grams.

75185: Beautiful Antique Large Vienna Bronze Bird - $520.00

Beautiful antique Large Vienna Bronze bird, it looks like it may be a finch. The bird has most of its original cold paint patina intact. It dates circa 1900. It is 100 or more years old. It is extremely well sculptured and very lifelike. Vienna bronzes of this quality do not show up on the market very often. This one has been in the same collection for many years. It is a beautiful sculpture extremely lifelike and beautifully designed. It measures 5-1/4 inches from the back of its tail to the tip of its beak. Height to the top of its head 3 inches. It's body is 2-5/8 inches wide. This is beautiful example guaranteed to please the most advanced Vienna bronze bird or animal collector.

75898: Beautiful Antique Nude Bronze Lady Signed P. Aichele ( Paul Aichele 1859-1910 ) - $2,230.00

Beautiful antique Nude Bronze Lady Sculptur Signed P. Aichele, (Paul Aichele German Sculptor 1859 -1910). This artist has auction records for his bronzes as high as $18,314.00. The one we are offering is a beautiful example of his work. It depicts a lovely nude lady wearing only a scarf. She is mounted on a rouge and black marble deluxe pedestal base. The bronze measures 9-1/2 inches high not including the base. From the top of her head to the bottom of the base she measures 13--1/2 inches. It has a beautiful light chocolate brown patina and it is in excellent condition. It is inscribed P. AICHELE on the bottom of the back. I believe this sculpture to be a stylized image of the birth of Venus, since she is standing on a stylized bronze shell. Both the bronze and the deluxe base are in excellent condition guaranteed to please the new owner. Weight 5 pounds.

72768: Beautiful Antique Nude Lady Bronze Signed Poertzel - $2,950.00

Exquisite antique nude bronze lady signed Poertzel. She is mounted on her original green shaped marble base. She is holding one hand in the air near the side of her head as if anticipating a sound. It is an unusual posture but very beautiful and extremely lifelike. She measures 7-5/8 inches from the bottom of the base to the top of her head. From the bottom of the bronze not including the base she measures 6-1/2 inches. From elbow to elbow she measures 2-1/2 inches. Weight 1.5 lbs. This is an absolutely beautiful bronze nude lady in mint condition with a lovely light golden honey colored patina. Guaranteed to please as are all our items.

73254: Beautiful Antique Putto Bronze Carrying Fruit - $700.00

Beautiful antique circa 1800 putto bronze carrying a basket of fruit on his head. The detail and composition are exceptional for an early bronze like this. It measures 6-3/4 inches including the Sienna marble base it stands on. The putto itself is 6 inches high. The Sienna marble base measures 3-3/4 inches long by 1-3/4 inches wide. The putto's right arm shows the separation in casting where the arm is applied to the shoulder, it is very secure and tight but you can see the line where it is attached. This is a sweet early European bronze sculpture unsigned. Guaranteed to be a welcome addition to any collector of bronzes or putto.

75133: Beautiful Antique Signed Vienna Gilt Bronze Flamenco Dancer - $2,500.00

Beautiful Antique Signed Vienna Gilt Bronze Flamenco Dancer. The signature is hard to read but it looks like F Iffland. Although the bronze has another inscription on the base, the face of the dancer looks very much like the sculptured faces of works done by Bruno Zach who was known to have signed many of his bronzes with other names. This model looks like a sclpture from his hand. Whoever did this sculpture was an exceptional artisan. Her face and dance pose are extremely realistic. Her face is perfectly sculptured. It is a little on the erotica side as her left breast is exposed and the top of her dress is falling down exposing her beautiful body. This is a wonderful antique bronze in excellent condition. It measures 13-5/8 inches from bottom of base to top of her hair piece. From bottom of the bronze base to top of her hair piece it measures 10-1/4 inches. She dances on an 8 sided bronze base with a conforming octagonal 2 color marble pedestal base. Weight 8.4 lbs. This bronze has a lot of presence and captures the great motion of the 19th and early 20th centuriey Flamenco Dancers. This is a gorgeous bronze more than 100 years old in excellent condition guaranteed to please its new owner.

74337: Beautiful Antique Vienna Bronze Art Nouveau Sculpture Seated Lady Smoking - $1,150.00

Beautiful antique Vienna Bronze Art Nouveau sculpture depicting a seated lady smoking. This is a highly detailed exceptionally well sculptured Art Nouveau Vienna Bronze inscribed Made in Austria on the right rear section of the base. The lady is sculptured wearing a classical style robe. Her hair has polychrome flowers and she has a polychrome headband. She has a cigarette in her right hand and holds an ashtray in her left hand. She looks very relaxed and peaceful as she sits back to enjoy her cigarette. The bronze dates circa 1890. The lady's face is beautifully sculptured she looks very lifelike. Vienna bronzes of this quality are very rare. She measures 6-1/4 inches high. The base measures 3 inches deep and 2-3/4 inches wide. She will make a lovely desk top bronze, could be enjoyed as a paper weight or displayed in a cabinet with other Vienna Bronzes in a collection. She is one of the few Vienna Bronzes that looks beautiful from every angle. Whoever the sculptor was that made her was an extremely accomplished and well trained artisan. This bronze is guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur she is in excellent condition.

74677: Beautiful Antique Vienna Bronze French Bulldog Marked Geschutzt - $223.00

Beautiful Antique Vienna Bronze French Bulldog Marked Geschutzt. The bulldog has most of its original cold paint patina still intact. It is inscribed GESCHUTZT on the underside of the French bulldog's chest. This is a beautiful sculptured antique Vienna bronze that is more than 100 years old. It is in great condition and very lifelike. It measures 1-5/8 inches from dog's nose to tail. Widest width 3/4 inch. Height 1-1/8 inches. This is a beautiful antique Vienna bronze French bulldog in excellent condition guaranteed to please as are all our items.

72071: Beautiful Art Deco Bronze Nude Lady With Baby Buigues - $2,950.00

Beautiful Art Deco nude lady bronze sculpture tenderly holding her baby. The bronze is signed P. Buigues and numbered 6/6. The sides of the base are inscribed Fundicion R. Buchhass Zurbaran-Edicion. This is a beautiful Art Deco sculpture in mint condition. Pascual Buigues 1897-1980 works are very rare. We found a listing on this artist but only 2 of his sculptures have appeared at auction in the last 30 years. This one was discovered on a world wide buying trip. This is the first example of this artist's works that we have seen in our 45+ years in the antique business. The sculpture measures 13-1/8 inches high. Widest width at the base is 4-1/2 inches. Depth of base 4-1/2 inches. Weight 6 lbs. The beautiful nude lady is tenderly holding her child looking lovingly into his eyes. She stands on a free form rock work base. This bronze is in excellent condition with a lovely patina. Guaranteed to please as are all out items.

72756: Beautiful Art Deco Gilt Bronze Nude Lady Schmidt-Hofer - $3,400.00

Exquisite antique gilt bronze nude lady signed Schmidt-Hofer. Schmidt-Hofer is a German sculptor known for creating beautiful nude athletic lady bronze sculptures in the late 19th and very early 20th centuries. This exquisite example is a great representation of the craftsmanship and talent of this brilliant German sculptor. The lady stands proud with her head upright displaying her beautiful nude athletic body . She has a beautiful face and pose. She is inscribed Schmidt-Hofer on the top back of the base. She measures 13 inches from the bottom of the base to the top of her head. Not including the original black and gold marble base she measures 11-7/8 inches high. From finger tip to finger tip she measures 10-1/4 inches. The diameter of the base is 2-3/4 inches. The height of the base is 1 inch. Excellent condition with the exception of a couple of minor chips to the bottom of the marble base mentioned for the sake of accuracy. Weight 4 lbs. Guaranteed to please as are all our items.

75654: Beautiful Art Deco Italian Laughing Nude Girl Bronze Polished Onyx Pedestal Base - $700.00

Beautiful Art Deco Italian Laughing Nude Girl Bronze Polished Onyx Pedestal Base. The young girl is laughing out loud holding both hands in front of her. She is beautifully sculptured and looks very much alive. She is marked MADE IN ITALY on the back of her left shoulder. The bronze is in excellent condition. It has a beautiful patina and a wonderful polished onyx pedestal base. The bronze measures 8-1/2 inches high to top of the girl's fingers on her right hand. The pedestal base measures 4-3/8 inches high and 3 inches wide at the bottom. Weight 3.4 lbs. This bronze will make a wonderful desktop bronze, paper weight or cabinet display bronze. It is one of those bronzes that look great wherever you place it.

74176: Beautiful Gilt Bronze Cherub & Sphinx Picture Frame - $880.00

Beautiful gilt bronze sphinx and cherubs picture frame. From the bottom of the sphinx feet to the top of the frame it measures 11+ inches. It will accommodate a picture that is 5-1/4 inches high by 3-7/8 inches wide. The average 6 x 4 picture will fit with a little trimming. It measures 9-1/4 inches across the bottom from one sphinx foot to the other. It has a cartouche at the top where one could engrave their name or initials. The cherubs measure more than 3 inches from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet. This is an exquisite high relief sculptured gilt bronze frame in mint condition. It has a new backing and easel rest. The frame dates circa 1880s. Guaranteed to please as are all our items.

52561: Beautiful Gilt Bronze Cherub Head Wall Sconce - $556.00

19th century gilt bronze winged cherub head 2-light wall sconce. The casting of the cherub is of the highest quality. The gold on the bronze has a deep rich color. It is accompanied with 2 gilt bronze screws that will mount this item to a wall. As you look at the piece there is a scroll leaf attached to the upper left side and no scroll leaf attached to the right top. Excellent condition. Width from candle holder to candle holder 15 inches, height from bottom of the feather to the top of the piece 5-1/2 inches. Beautiful detail with fine beaded design along the candle holders. This item can easily be wired for electrical use.

75365: Beautiful Pair Cherub & Floral Bronze Candle Holders - $610.00

Beautiful Pair Cherub & Floral Bronze Candle Holders. Each candelabra has a beautifully sculptured winged cherub holding a branch with flowers and leaves. The cherubs have beautifully sculptured angelic faces. The top of the branches turn into candle holders. Below the bases of each candle holder are 4 hoofed feet. The candle holders measure 11-3/4 inches high. Widest width 4-1/2 inches from hoof to hoof. Both cherub candle holders are in excellent condition and guaranteed to please the new owner.

73135: Beautiful Semi Nude Male Piper Bronze Signed Gve Deloye - $7,000.00

Beautiful bronze sculpture depicting a semi nude man playing pipes. The sculpture is signed Gve Deloye, inscribed on the urn that the piper rests his foot on. The bronze is set on a black circular marble base. The base has a 9 inch diameter and measures 1 inch high. The bronze measures 27-1/2 inches high and 9-3/4 inches widest width from the side of his robe to his left elbow. The subject has a very nice face and is beautifully sculptured. He is depicted wearing only a robe thrown over his shoulder with one portion of the robe between his legs. Please see pictures and click enlargements for details. This is a rare sculpture one that has been in my own collection 35 years, I have never seen another. The urn measures 6 inches long and 5 inches at its widest point from ram's head to ram's head. This is a very unusual sculpture in superb original condition with a light to medium honey color patina. Excellent condition guaranteed to please as are all our items.

73994: Beautiful Vienna Bronze Running Deer Geschutzt - $700.00

Beautiful extremely well sculptured running deer with his antlers back marked Geschutzt on the underside. The deer has much of its original cold paint patina intact. The sculptor of this deer did an amazing job it actually looks alive and in motion. Its mouth is open with its tongue hanging out. The eyes are very well painted and the surface of the deer looks like real fur. It measures from its right front hoof to its back leg more than 4 inches. Height to the top of its antlers 3 inches. Width from antler to antler across the top 1-1/4 inches. It is in excellent condition guaranteed to please the most particular Vienna bronze collector or connoisseur. This Vienna bronze was collected by Dr. Robert L. Schaeffer, Jr. who was known primarily for his impressive Pennsylvania German folk art collection of textiles, ceramics, metal ware ad works on paper, largely acquired in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A resident of Allentown, Pennsylvania, Dr. Schaeffer wanted his collection of Pennsylvania German folk art to return to its area of origin. In 1987 he generously gave his entire collection of art and artifacts to Franklin & Marshall College. Items from this collection are now an integral part of the permanent collection of the Phillips Museum of Art at the college. At the time of his death in 2001, Dr. Schaeffer was professor emeritus of botany at Muhlenberg College in Allentown. A graduate of Haverford College, Dr. Schaeffer earned a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and had taught botany at Muhlenberg for almost 30 years. He had many family connections with Franklin & Marshall College. Dr. Schaeffer was the son of Robert L. Schaeffer Sr. , who graduated from Franklin & Marshall in 1904 and later served as the president of its Board of Trustees from 1935 to 1941. He is also the uncle of Dr. Charles D. Schaeffer, class of 1970. In addition to the important body of Pennsylvania folk art, Dr. Schaeffer's collection included over 2000 painted Vienna bronze figures imported from Europe. The items offered here were deacessioned from the collection, and the proceeds from their sale will be placed in the new Schaeffer Endowment Fund to be used solely to acquire new works for the Phillips Museum's permanent collection.

55102: Bronze Children Fishing, Hunting,Kowalczewski - $5,500.00

Superb pair of allegorical children representing fishing and hunting. Kowalczewski works are considered by sculpture specialists , knowledgeable collectors, dealers and scholars to be as fine and extremely well detailed as the best sculpture produced during the 19th and early 20th century. P. Kowalczewskis works are rare and sought after by collectors, museums and dealers worldwide. P. Kowalczewski is listed as being born in 1876 in Germany. Every sculpture I have seen by this sculptor has been as good or better than the very best quality sculpture I have seen over the past 40 plus years as a collector, dealer and appraiser of antiques specializing in antique bronze sculpture. This rare pair of sculptures created by Kowalczewski represent hunting and fishing. The children appear alive. One with his fishnet the other his bow gun. At the base of the sculptures are a dolphin and a hunting dog. The children have a slight golden chocolate brown patina while the bottom part of the sculptures the dog and dolphin have a brighter golden brown patina. The composition and quality of this rare pair of sculptures is unsurpassable. They measure 12-1/2 and 13 inches tall, the bases are 4-1/4 wide by 3-3/4 inches deep. If only the very finest will do, rest assured you will be more than satisfied with the quality and addition to your collection of this wonderful and extraordinary pair of circa 19th century sculptures .

54769: Bronze Female Nude w/Pan C. Wegener 1918 - $4,480.00

Extraordinary bronze sculpture by Carl Wegener 1862-1935. This is a wonderful mythological sculpture of Pan with his bride. Legend has it that Pan offered to teach the making and playing of the reed pipe instrument if he were offered a bride. This wonderful sculpture depicts Pan with his nude bride. Pan has one hand embracing her leg while he plays the pipes with his other hand. She has one hand below her breast and is holding Pan's head with her other hand. This sculpture is extremely well defined and is anatomically perfect. It is a rare and wonderful mythological sculpture inscribed in the bronze C. Wegener 1918. It is mounted on a variegated marble dark and light green base conforming to the bronze base of the sculpture. Height 15-1/2 inches, width of bronze base 5-1/4 inches. Height of bronze excluding the marble base 15 inches. This is the first model of this composition we have had the pleasure to own or offer for sale. It is a very rare sculpture in excellent as new condition with a beautiful two color patina.

73399: Bronze Patenated Nude Nymph Garden Fountain - $19,600.00

Monumental and extraordinary nude nymph, lifelike sculptured water fountain. The base of the sculpture where she stands has 6 openings where water shoots out once the plumbing is attached. The nymph has a very lifelike face, her eyes look right at you from any direction you stand at. The delicate way she holds her hands and stands contributes to the beauty of her pose .This is a magnificent sculpture. Her face, eyes and hair are sculptured so perfectly she looks alive and breathing. This is a unique sculpture that once graced a 50 million dollar mansion in Los Angeles, California. The front of the sculpture at the base has a plate attached that reads JRIS. This is a very large and magnificent sculpture measuring 55 inches high to the top of her hand. From her right finger tips to her left she measures 35 inches. Diameter at base is 14 inches. Weight 98 lbs. Due to the complexity and size, she will be professionally wood crated by the finest crating company in California, insured and shipped at our expense to the new owner. Considering its age, circa 1900, and the fact that it was outside being used as a fountain, it is in excellent condition and guaranteed to please the most particular collector, designer, or connoisseur. The sclpture is bronze patinated white metal very heavy weighing an estmated 98 pounds.

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