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54769: Bronze Female Nude w/Pan C. Wegener 1918 - 4,480.00

Extraordinary bronze sculpture by Carl Wegener 1862-1935. This is a wonderful mythological sculpture of Pan with his bride. Legend has it that Pan offered to teach the making and playing of the reed pipe instrument if he were offered a bride. This wonderful sculpture depicts Pan with his nude bride. Pan has one hand embracing her leg while he plays the pipes with his other hand. She has one hand below her breast and is holding Pan's head with her other hand. This sculpture is extremely well defined and is anatomically perfect. It is a rare and wonderful mythological sculpture inscribed in the bronze C. Wegener 1918. It is mounted on a variegated marble dark and light green base conforming to the bronze base of the sculpture. Height 15-1/2 inches, width of bronze base 5-1/4 inches. Height of bronze excluding the marble base 15 inches. This is the first model of this composition we have had the pleasure to own or offer for sale. It is a very rare sculpture in excellent as new condition with a beautiful two color patina.

73399: Bronze Patenated Nude Nymph Garden Fountain - 19,600.00

Monumental and extraordinary nude nymph, lifelike sculptured water fountain. The base of the sculpture where she stands has 6 openings where water shoots out once the plumbing is attached. The nymph has a very lifelike face, her eyes look right at you from any direction you stand at. The delicate way she holds her hands and stands contributes to the beauty of her pose .This is a magnificent sculpture. Her face, eyes and hair are sculptured so perfectly she looks alive and breathing. This is a unique sculpture that once graced a 50 million dollar mansion in Los Angeles, California. The front of the sculpture at the base has a plate attached that reads JRIS. This is a very large and magnificent sculpture measuring 55 inches high to the top of her hand. From her right finger tips to her left she measures 35 inches. Diameter at base is 14 inches. Weight 98 lbs. Due to the complexity and size, she will be professionally wood crated by the finest crating company in California, insured and shipped at our expense to the new owner. Considering its age, circa 1900, and the fact that it was outside being used as a fountain, it is in excellent condition and guaranteed to please the most particular collector, designer, or connoisseur. The sclpture is bronze patinated white metal very heavy weighing an estmated 98 pounds.

73394: Carl Kauba Antique Vienna Bronze Two Lovers - 3,850.00

Rare and wonderful antique Vienna Bronze and Marble sculpture signed C.Kauba fec. in the stone. Fec. Means made by the hand of and is sometimes found next to sculptors signatures to identify the piece as one hand sculptured by the artist and not a later re-cast. It has Kaubas Patent number below geshutz further indicating this is an original sculpture by Kauba and the model is registered so no one could legally copy it. See close up for markings and signature. The condition is all original and almost mint. The sculpture measures 8-3/4 inches high by 9-1/2 inches wide. We have owned this model only once before maybe 5 years ago and have priced this one the same as the one we sold back then. Vienna bronzes like this are very hard to find today at any price. This sculpture will give its new owner not only the pleasure of viewing it every day but the double pleasure of knowing you made a great investment in a highly desirable sculpture. Guaranteed to please as are all our items.

72781: Chrysis Nude Lady Antique Bronze Sculpture G. Colin - 8,800.00

Superb antique bronze sculpture titled Chrysis par G. Colin (Medaille) Salon des Beaux Arts. This extraordinary sculpture won a medal when it was displayed at the Salon des Beaux Art in the 19th century. It has its original inscribed bronze metal plaque attached to the base. The base is a very unusually designed marble base with a gilt bronze under plate and six sides. The sculpture depicts Chrysis a beautiful nude lady wearing only sandals and a jeweled crown. Her hands at one time held a necklace she was about to put on. This is an extremely rare bronze discovered on one of our world wide buying trips many years ago. At first glance one can see how beautiful her face is and how lovely her body and composition are. She stands like a proud queen adorning herself with jewelry. She is inscribed G. Colin, a very important French 19th century sculptor who created some of the most beautiful female nude bronze sculptures during the 19th century. This exquisite bronze is the finest example of this sculptor's work that we have ever had the pleasure to see, purchase, and offer for sale. She measures 21-1/2 inches high to the top of her crown. From elbow to elbow she measures 5-1/2 inches across. The base is 6 inches wide, 5-3/4 inches deep, and 4-1/2 inches high. The bronze not including the original marble base she is attached to measures 17-1/4 inches high to the top of her crown. She has one of the most beautiful faces we have seen on any bronze sculpture. She is in excellent condition guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur.

57815: Dore Bronze Erotica Nude Woman with Flowers - 4,300.00

Exquisite dore bronze erotica nude of a woman holding flowers. Artist inscribed Contan-Montorqueil. The bronze is set on its original lavender and white marble base with a gilt bronze under plate. The detail and quality of this bronze is extraordinary. The condition is superb. Height 11 inches.

76697: Exquisite Antique French Champleve Decorated Gilt Bronze Ink Stand With Lions - 1,600.00

Exquisite Ultimate Antique 19th Century French Champleve Decorated Gilt Bronze Ink Stand With Mythological Lions. The ink stand has a rectangular shape with two fitted wells, it is raised and has a pierced gallery with mythological lions flanking a central bouquet of fruit, all set on four raised feet, overall length 14 inches. Height 7-1/2 inches. The Champleve enamel decoration includes two mythological dragon-like birds with foliate and floral decorative designs on the top portion of the ink stand. This is a really special piece that will be sure to please any collector of antique French decorative art. There is a cartouche under the fruit where one could engrave their name or initials. It has two pedestal flower tipped pieces to rest a pen or pens on. Weight 10.6 pounds. It is in excellent condition.

72744: Exquisite Antique French Gilt Bronze Cherub Candelabra - 3,500.00

Superb antique cherub four light gilt bronze French candelabra. The cherub is exquisitely sculptured and holds the four light candelabra in his hands like a bouquet of flowers. The candelabra top has blooming and budding flowers. Below the standing cherub is a gilt bronze plaque with a high relief sculpture of two cherubs decorating with floral wreaths. The face of the cherub holding the candelabra is exquisitely sculptured and very lifelike. The candelabra measures 22-3/4 inches high. Widest width 11 inches. The cherub measures 8-1/2 inches from the bottom of his foot to the top of his head. The base of the candelabra has gilt bronze animal paw mask head feet. Overall very good to excellent condition commensurate with age and use. Diameter at base from foot to foot 7-1/2 inches.

72795: Exquisite Antique Nude Bronze Nymph Artist Signed Bruno - 4,930.00

Exquisite antique nude bronze nymph reaching up at the sky wearing only a wreath of flowers in her hair. She has a very happy and peaceful look, perfectly content. She is artist inscribed Bruno, the second name is hard to read. Please see enlargements to see artist's signature. The detail and quality are as good as it gets in a bronze sculpture. Her face and body are perfectly cast and are anatomically perfect. Bronzes of this quality don't show up very often and when they do they are eagerly purchased by knowledgeable collectors and dealers. She is mounted on her beautiful polished marble specimen base. She measures from the bottom of the base to the top of her left thumb 13 inches. Not including the base, she measures 11-1/2 inches high. From her right hand to left she measures 9 inches. Weight 4.75 lbs. The detail and quality of this sculpture are superb, the condition is excellent. Guaranteed to please as are all our items.

76076: Exquisite Antique Semi Nude Lady Bronze Signed A. Mayer German 1855-1939 - 4,930.00

Exquisite Antique Semi Nude Lady Bronze with Flowered Wings in Her Hair Signed A. Mayer German 1855- 1939. This exquisite antique bronze depicts a semi nude lady with her hands outstretched in a welcoming position. She is nude with the exception of a robe covering a portion of the side of her body aand between her legs. She has a beautiful face and is extremely life like. The bronze was sculptured by Alois Mayer a German sculptor born in 1855 who died in 1939. This is a gorgeous big bronze measuring 27 inches high. Widest width from hand to hand is 15-1/2 inches. She has feathered wings in her hair and a very gorgeous face and beautiful body. Weight 21 pounds. This sculptor had a 27-1/2 inch bronze of Diana that sold for $5,619.00 at Sotheby's London March 30, 1990 lot 139. The one we are offering is in excellent condition guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur.

75512: Exquisite Antique Signed Alonzo Bronze & Ivory Lady with Staff - 5,920.00

Exquisite Antique circa 1890s Signed Alonzo gilt Bronze & Ivory Lady with Staff. The lady is beautifully sculptured and in superb condition. She wears formal 18th century gilt bronze clothing. Her hair is up, beautifully curled with 2 long curls on either side of her neck. This is a gorgeous bronze, a very rare model and one of Alonzo's best sculptures. She measures 10 inches high from the bottom to top of her hair. From tip of her right hand to her elbow she measures 6 inches across. Weight 3.6 lbs. Alonzo was famous for the bronze and ivory sculptures created around the turn of the century. Antique bronze and ivory sculptures by Alonzo are among the most sought after of all the bronze and ivory European sculptures in existence. This is an exceptionally beautiful one.

73096: Exquisite Art Deco Female Nude Torso Signed Ingram 1926 - 11,500.00

Exquisite antique Art Deco nude female bronze torso inscribed INGRAM 1926 on the back of the base. The torso is extremely lifelike the best bronze torso by any sculptor we have ever had the pleasure to purchase and offer for sale. This has been in my own collection for 25 years. It has a beautiful green patina only seen on the finest Art Deco bronzes. The sculpture measures 16-1/2 inches high, 9-1/4 inches deep from the lady's left leg to her back. The base measures 6-1/2 inches wide and 6-1/2 inches deep. If you like At Deco sculpture and sculptures of beautiful nude ladies this nude bronze female torso is unsurpassable. It is guaranteed to please the most particular connoisseur or collector.

72728: Exquisite Circa 1800 French Angel Arrow maker Clock - 16,000.00

Exquisite circa 1800 French gilt bronze angel blacksmith making arrows. This is a unique clock in superb condition depicting a beautiful angel hammering arrowheads on his anvil. He is a metal working angel with all of his tools. On the sides of the clock face is a storage area for the angel's tools. He has files, hammers, and other tools used by a blacksmith in the 18th century. Whoever designed this clock was a true master. The clock is signed on the face M. Housse Fils a Amiens. The angel making the arrows measures 10-1/2 inches from the top of his head to the bottom of his foot, wingspan 4 inches. From the base to the top of the angel's hammer it measures 16-3/4 inches. The clock has a width of 12-3/4 inches and a depth of 4-1/2 inches. The front of the clock has a beautiful high relief sculptured scene with 2 cherubs and a beehive. One cherub is shooting an arrow into the beehive and the other cherub is holding a flaming torch to smoke the bees out so that they may enjoy the sweet honey inside. On either side of the central sculpture are 2 high relief decorative applications depicting crossed flaming torches with a quiver and arrows in the center tied together with a large ribbon. The clock rests on four adjustable round feet. The quality of the sculpture and the unique theme make it one of the most desirable circa 1800 French gilt bronze angel clocks extant. This clock has its original pendulum and key and is in excellent condition. All French clocks of this period ring one bell at the 1/2 hour and exact number of bells for actual time. For example 8:00 would ring 8 bells. This is a rare 18th century silk suspension French movement with one of the most beautiful sculptured angels you might ever hope to find. Guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur

72038: Exquisite Nude Bronze Lady W/ Heart & Arrows E. Peynot - 6,500.00

Superb antique bronze sculpture depicting a beautiful nude maiden holding a heart in her right hand and a floral wreath and arrows in her left hand. She has a very beautiful and peaceful face. There is a golden glow of warmth and love emanating from this sculpture. It is inscribed E. Peynot in the bronze. The artist, Emile Edmond Peynot (1850-1932) was born in France on November 22, 1850 and died there on December 12, 1932. He studied with Jouffroy and Robinet and exhibited at the Salon from 1873 onwards, winning the Prix de Rome in 1880 and numerous medals between 1883-1886, as well as gold medals at the Exposition Universelles of 1889 and 1900. He became Chevalier of the Legion d'Honneur in 1891 and an officer in 1903. He sculptured many monuments and statues all over France. His minor works include projects from monuments, notably those honoering Claude Gellie and Paul Bert. This sculptor has auction records of more than $50,000. for some of his sculptures. The example we are offering is in excellent condition. She measures 17-1/2 inches high with a diameter at the marble base of 5 inches. Weight: 18-1/2 lbs. Guaranteed to please as are all our items.

72767: Exquisite Nude Lady Drawing Water Signed Besserdich - 3,850.00

Exquisite antique nude bronze lady drawing water. She is sculptured bending slightly over holding onto a rope that is attached to a bucket. She is pulling up a water bucket. She is mounted on her original rouge marble base. She has a beautiful honey chocolate brown patina. She is in mint condition and exquisitely sculptured. She is very lifelike and very animated. Hard to find bronzes of this quality today at any price. She measures 9 inches from the bottom base to the top of her head. No including original base the bronze sculpture stands 8-1/2 inches tall. Weight 2.5 lbs. Besserdich is a listed German/Austrian sculptor who worked in the late 18 and early 1900s. Any sculptures we have seen in the past from this artist have had extraordinary quality and detail. The sculptures all look alive. At a glance one can tell that the artist who sculptured this lady was a true master. This is a magnificent piece guaranteed to please the most particular sculpture collector or connoisseur.

75256: Exquisite Pair Antique French Chinoiserie Bronze Dragons - 700.00

Exquisite Pair Antique French Chinoiserie Bronze Dragons. The dragons may have been intended to use at the top of a piece of furniture as they have 2 small holes on the underside that could be used to attach them to a piece of furniture. They could also be used as very decorative bookends or paper weights. The quality of these chinoiserie dragons is exceptional. They have their original bronze patina with gold highlights. They date from the mid to late 1800s. We have never seen a nicer pair. The sculpture and composition are amazing. The condition is excellent. These are guaranteed to please the most particular antique bronze collector or connoisseur. They measures 5-1/2 inches high, 3-3/4 inches long from front foot to back of tail, and 2-1/4 inches widest width. They are unmarked and unsigned.

72766: Exquiste Nude Bronze Dancer Prof Poertzel - 3,400.00

Exquisite antique nude bronze ballerina inscribed Prof Poertzel. She is beautifully sculptured with perfect proportions, gorgeous face, and wonderful animation as she stands on one toe dancing. She measures 11 inches high including her original marble base. Excluding the base she measures 8 inches high. Her hands are extended away from her body and they measures 4-1/4 inches from hand to hand. Weight 3 lbs. The bronze has a lovely light golden brown patina and is in excellent condition. Guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur. Bronzes of this quality rarely come to the market. I have decided its time to share my collection with the rest of the world. We are only caretakers for our precious art objects, paintings, bronzes and antiques. I feel I have done my best to preserve the beauty and enjoyment that collecting antique bronze sculptures has given me. Bronzes you will be seeing listed here on Ebay and my website are the result of 45 years of searching the world for the finest quality antique bronze sculptures available. To say that building my collection was a labor of love is an understatement. It is my passion. Now on my next journey through life I will have the opportunity through the internet to share the wonders of 45 years collecting and searching the world to obtain the finest art objects I could find that appealed to me to add to the collection.

75003: Extraordinary Antique Winged Nude Fairy & Satyr Gilt & Silvered Bronze Suan - 11,500.00

Extraordinary gilt and silvered bronze fantasy sculpture depicting a nude winged gilt bronze fairy pulling the hair of a gilt bronze satyr who has the body of a snail coming out of a snail shell. In her other hand she holds a silvered bronze grape vine. The snail shell is very naturalistic. Her expression and the composition of this extraordinary sculpture are beyond belief. It is signed Ferville-Suan (Charles Georges Ferville-Suan 1847-1925). This amazing French sculptor created one of the most unusual and beautiful mythological fantasy sculptures that I have seen in my more than 45 years as a collector, a dealer, buyer, seller, and appraiser of rare antique bronze sculpture. This extraordinary sculpture is from my own collection and has never been for sale on the internet before. The base is terracotta. The quality and composition far surpass any mythological or fantasy bronzes we have ever had the pleasure to offer for sale. This extraordinary sculpture measures 12 inches high. From the fairy's toe tip to the satyr's finger tip it measures 9 inches across. The fairy measures 9-1/2 inches from toe tip to wing tip. This is a unique sculpture certain to be one of the most important pieces of any collection that is lucky enough to have this bronze added to it. The condition is superb. This museum quality sculpture will surely delight and give much pleasure to its new owner. Guaranteed to please the most particular connoisseur or collector.

71657: Extraordinary Circa 1800 French Angel Clock - 11,500.00

Circa 1800 magnificent Mercury gilt dore bronze angel clock. This is the most beautifully detailed French Empire silk suspension movement clock we have ever seen. The angel is plucking his harp, to his left is a trumpet and a stack of books, to his right are some scrolls. The face of the clock is beautifully engraved. The numbers are porcelain and hand painted and inset on the clock face. Below the clock and the angel is a bearded figure in full relief encircled by a floral wreath. To the sides of the wreath are flaming torches. To either side of the bearded figure are two scrolls. The first scroll is engraved Voltaire. The second scroll is engraved Oride. The third scroll is engraved Virgile. The fourth scroll is engraved Arioste. Height 20-1/2 inches, length of base 15 inches, width of base 4-3/4 inches. The quality of the casting and the detail of this clock indicates it may have been made for French Royalty between the 1790's and 1800. When one observes the sweet expression on the angels face and the phenomenal attention paid to the detailing of this clock, one will realize that this is a museum quality treasure. This clock has its original pendulum, keys and bell and is in superb condition. If only the finest will do you found it here. Guaranteed to please as are all our items.

74980: Extraordinary Lifesize French Gilt Bronze Bust Armide Zacharie Rimbez - 8,800.00

Extraordinary Lifesize French Gilt Bronze Bust Armide by Zacharie Rimbez. This extremely well sculptured bust of Armide was sculptured by Zacharie Rimbez (French 19th century). Smaller busts by this artist of similar quality have sold for more than $12,000.00 at auctions in New York. The young woman is beautifully sculptured wearing a headdress and necklace. The necklace has high relief sculptured pendants of fish and other decorative designs. She also wears a pentacle in the center of her chest within a crescent moon. She has an attached name plate with the title ARMIDE. She rests on a square plinth base. RIMBEZ is inscribed on her left shoulder, PARIS is inscribed on her right shoulder. This is an exquisite Art Nouveau French orientalist bust the most beautiful one we have had the pleasure to purchase and offer for sale. Weight 42 lbs. The bust measures 25 inches high, 13-3/4 inches wide from shoulder to shoulder and 8-1/2 inches deep. Her vest has ornate hand chased designs. She has long flowing hair underneath her oriental headdress. Beneath her pentacle pendant is a medallic high relief sculptured bird. She gazes slightly to the right, her face is exquisite as is the entire sculpture. The detail and quality are the best anyone might ever hope to find in a French circa 1900 Art Nouveau Orientalist sculpture. This bronze has appeared at auctions with estimates of $15,000 to $25,000. This beautiful bronze is in excellent condition guaranteed to please as are all our items.

72050: Gilt Bronze & Alabaster Nude Lorallie By The Sea Angles - 6,500.00

Rare gilt bronze and alabaster sculpture of a nude Lorallie By The Sea. Here Lorallie is depicted nude seated on a large stone. Her musical instrument in has a turtle shell shaped design. A bird rests in her right hand. This is a beautiful composition inscribed Angles. Joaquin Angles was born in Toulouse in the 2nd half of the 19th century. He exhibited at the Salons from 1890 to 1899, winning an honorable mention in the latter year. His works include Idyll (1890), and Gavroche (street urchin) in 1892. The sculpture measures 9-1/2 inches high. Widest width at base 5 inches. Depth 4-1/2 inches. Weight: 7-1/2 lbs. This sculpture is in excellent condition guaranteed to please as are all our items.

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