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72794: Antique Bronze Nude Lady Holding Mirror P. Philippe - 6,500.00

Exquisite antique nude bronze lady admiring herself in her handheld mirror. The bottom of the base has an inset gilt bronze Goldscheider Foundry seal plaque. The Goldschedier foundry produced some of the finest French and Austrian bronzes made in the 19th and early 20th centuries. This one is really special because the gilt bronze foundry seal plaque is inset on the underside of the marble base. The bronze is in excellent condition depicting an exquisite nude lady with her hair up admiring herself in her handheld mirror. Philippe is considered one of the finest French sculptors. His works are very much sought after and collected worldwide. This one measures 13-1/2 inches from the bottom of the base to the top of her hair. Not including the original base the bronze itself measures 11-1/2 inches tall. From her right hand to her left hand she measures 8 inches. Weight 6.25 lbs. This is an absolutely gorgeous sculpture guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur.

72088: Antique Bronze Nude Lady Sculpture Signed Werner - 7,500.00

Exquisite large bronze female nude sculpture signed Werner. The sculpture depicts a beautiful nude lady looking at her hand, there may have been a butterfly that landed on her hand. She has a very peaceful look about her. This is a beautiful sculpture in excellent condition . She has disrobed and is seated on a tree trunk base. This is an exquisite composition measuring 18-1/2 inches high. Diameter at base 7-1/4 inches. Weight 24-1/4 lbs. Guaranteed to please as are all our items.

72775: Antique Bronze Nude Lady With Baby J. Boese Berlin - 6,500.00

Rare and very beautiful model of a nude mother holding up her new baby in the air admiring him participating in the joys of motherhood. This is an exquisite bronze in superb condition, a very rare model never seen before. She measures 23 inches tall. Weight 28.25 lbs. The base is 8 inches wide and 5-1/2 inches deep. The bronze sculpture not including its original specimen burgundy marble base is 20-1/2 inches high. The base is inscribed J. Boese and fec. ("made by the hand of") Berlin. This is an absolutely beautiful bronze that will more than delight its new owner. It is guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur.

72823: Antique Bronze Nude Lady With Flowers 22-1/2 - 2,770.00

Beautiful antique bronze nude lady holding a single flower in her left hand and a huge bouquet of flowers in her right hand. She wears a wreath of flowers in her hair. Her head is cocked slightly to the right as she looks at the beautiful flower she is holding in her left hand. The bronze has a lovely medium to light honey chocolate brown patina and is in excellent condition. She stands on her original circular base with a diameter of 5-1/2 inches and height of 2-1/4 inches. She measures 22-1/2 inches high from the bottom base to the top of her head. Weight 50 lbs. Although unsigned she is a beautiful sculpture that will surely please any collector or connoisseur.

72774: Antique Bronze Nude Nymph Blowing Pipes E. Drouot - 10,000.00

Exquisite antique bronze sculpture of a nude nymph playing pipes. She is summoning the Gods. This is an exquisite example of one of Drouot's best works. Edouard Drouot 1859-1945 this sculptor was famous for his beautiful female nude sculptures and allegorical subjects. He made this model in two sizes this is the largest model. Height 30-1/4 inches. Height not including the original marble base 28-1/2 inches. Diameter at base 8 inches. Weight 48.25 lbs. There is a bronze plaque on the front of the base inscribed Muse Des Bois par Drouot. The bronze plaque measures 5 inches wide and 2 inches high. She has a beautiful and very peaceful expression on her face. This is the finest example of this sculpture I have had the pleasure to see and own. Guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur.

72037: Antique Bronze Nude Woman Victorious E. Hegenbarth 1908 - 4,300.00

Antique bronze sculpture seated nude signed E. Hegenbarth 1908 foundry mark Wiener Gesellschaft Von Freunden #32. This exquisite bronze symbolizes woman victorious " Triumph ". Height 15 inches, widest width 5 inches. Weight 5-1/4 lbs. Pictured in Berman # 2637 The Eternal Woman by Ernst Hegenbarth ( 1867-1933 ) Superb quality and detail caused many to marvel at the life size marble version when first exhibited. This sculpture was the subject much conversation and articles published in the New York times about women's liberation and the hidden meaning or this beautiful sculpture. The subtle illusion and likely symbolism to eve with the apple explains the mystery of the ball in her hand. She sits victorious like a proud Amazon queen only the symbolism of the dead male nude torsos was too much for many conservative art critics of the time. The model we are offering for sale is in mint condition. Guaranteed to please as are all our items.

53050: Antique Bronze Oriental Warrior Slaying Bear - 1,150.00

Extraordinary antique bronze sculpture depicting an Oriental warrior killing a bear. This is a large and impressive sculpture. It is a very strong, powerful and masculine piece showing great detail as the warrior pierces the bears heart with his long spear. Excellent condition. Height: 10 inches Length: 19 inches Width of Base: 6 1/2 inches

76494: Antique Bronze Sculpture Signed Baer Reegin Proofing Sigurds Sword Mythological - 1,870.00

Antique Bronze Sculpture Signed Baer Reegin Proofing Sigurds Sword. Superb bronze sculpture signed Baer in the stone depicting the mythological figure Reegin spliting an anvil with the sword he made for Sigurda legendary hero in Norrse Mythology. It measures 25 -1/4 inches high to the point of the sword. Widest width of the stone base is 9-1/2 inches. Weight 20 pounds. This is a beautifully sculptured strong and masculine bronze showing the successful metal worker proudly looking up at the sword he created strong enough to split his anvil. The sword was a special commission for Sigard. He was a legendary hero of Norse mythology. The artist's signature is in the stone Baer is that of a 19th century German sculptor. The bronze and stone base are both in excellent conditon. Guaranteed to please as are all our items.

76073: Antique Bronze Sculpture Two Classical Robed Women and a Cherub Signed E. Hebert - 2,950.00

Antique Bronze Sculpture Two Classical Robed Women and a Cherub Signed E. Hebert (Pierre-Eugène-Émile Hébert, 1828–1893). This beautiful antique gilt bronze sculpture depicting 2 ladies in classical robes, one is holding a cherub statue in her hands and the other appears to be looking over her. She may be her attendant or friend. The women are beautifully sculptured and look alive. Hebert was a very well trained and expert sculptor who has auction records as high as $12,500.00 for a bronze bust sold 10/17/2012 at Christie's New York. We could not find any other example of this model sold at auction or listed anywhere for sale. It is a very rare and beautiful example of this artist's work. It weighs 19.4 pounds and measures 11-3/4 inches high. Widest width 11-3/4 inches. Depth 7 inches. The sculpture is in great condition guaranteed to please the new owner.

57810: Antique Bronze Semi-Nude Art Nouveau Maiden - 2,250.00

Beautiful antique foundry inscribed A. Klien-Gesellschaft H. Gladenbeck & Sohn artist inscribed M. Lidenberg. This is an exquisite semi-nude Art Nouveau maiden. She is extremely well sculptured very lifelike -- almost alive. She is on a superb original marble base. Height 12-3/4 inches, diameter of base 3 inches. One of the most beautiful sculptures you could ever hope to find.

76801: Antique Carl Kauba Vienna Bronze Bronco Buster - 1,870.00

Antique Carl Kauba Vienna Bronze Bronco Buster. This is a beautifully sculptured bronco buster in excellent original condition. The horse and rider look alive. It measures from the bottom of the base to the top of the horse's ears 8.5 inches high. The original circular marble base measures 7/8 inches high and 4-1/8 inches wide. This and several others we purchased were part of an advanced Vienna bronze collection collected over a 50 year span. (MD)

72755: Antique Classical Bronze Seated Lady Signed H. Dumage - 2,770.00

Beautiful antique classical bronze lady seated on a decorative bench with 2 carved animal heads in high relief at the bottom of the bench. The lady is beautifully sculptured. She is wearing a classical style robe over her shoulder. She is semi nude. Her robe only covers the back and lower section of her body. She has a very graceful pose and expression. She measures 14 inches high to the top of her head on her wooden base. Not including the base she measure 12-1/2 inches high. She is signed H. Dumage on the side of the bench at the bottom. She has incised number 20254 on the bottom of the pedestal stool she rests on. This sculpture dates circa 1880. It is in excellent condition having a light to medium color bronze patina. The wooden base measures 6-3/4 inches long, 2 inches high and 5-1/4 inches deep. The sculpture at its widest point from the lady's knee to the back of her elbow measures 6-1/4 inches. Weight 10 lbs. This is a beautiful example of the sculptures created by Henri Dumage in the 19th century. The French are very proud of their artists and sculptors from the 19th century. Dumage contributed many of the finest 19th century bronze sculptures created. This is a magnificent classical bronze sculpture guaranteed to please as are all our items.

76842: Antique Cold Painted Vienna Bronze Indian Chief With Bow & Arrow - 493.00

Antique Cold Painted Vienna Bronze Indian Chief With Bow & Arrow. He may be hunting. He is kneeling on his right knee to steady the shot and balance himself. The underside is marked Austria. This is a rare model . From the top of the indian's feather head dress it measures 3-1/4 inches high. The base measures 3 inches long and 1-5/8 inches wide. Beautifully sculptured and very life-like.

72780: Antique Female Nude Bronze Sculptured Lamp J. Cambos - 7,900.00

Exquisite antique bronze nude lady lamp. She is holding a shawl in both hands above her head which forms the lamp. One portion of the lamp modestly covers the area between her legs. The base is inscribed J. Cambos (Jean-Jules Cambos French 1828-1885). This is an exquisite lamp depicting a beautiful nude lady holding a stylized shawl with a lamp socket inside the shawl. When you turn on the lamp it beautifully lights the nude lady and the area around her. It measures 27-1/2 inches high, widest width 11-1/2 inches. The weight is 26 lbs. Diameter at base 7-1/4 inches. The bronze without its original rouge deluxe marble base measures 25-1/2 inches high. This is a wonderful lamp guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur. It is in superb condition with a beautiful chocolate brown patina mounted on a deluxe original to the lamp rouge marble base. Cambos has auction records as high as $46,000.00 for a 32 inch sculpture. This artist was highly skilled and specialized in sculpting beautiful nude ladies. His works are rare and very much sought after by collectors world wide. This is the first lamp we have had the pleasure to see, purchase, and offer for sale by this important sculptor.

76015: Antique Franz Sautner Bronze Sculpture Dancing Nude Lady with Tambourine - 1,960.00

Beautiful antique circa 1900 bronze sculpture of a dancing nude nymph playing a tambourine. It is signed F.Sautner Geman / Austrian Sculptor 1872-1945. The bronze depicts a beautiful nude female dancing nymph with a tambourine. The bronze has a wonderful two color patina found on the best quality Vienna Bronzes. She measures 15 inches high to the top of her tambourine. The deluxe specimen marble base measures 3-3/4 inches wide by 3-1/2 inches deep. The base stands 4-3/8ths inches high. She will make a wonderful addition to any collection. Weight 6.5 pounds Some rubbing to the patina comensurate with age and handling.

72025: Antique French Bronze Lady & Butterfly Signed Machault - 2,500.00

Beautiful antique bronze sculpture depicting a lady in a classical robe undressing outside to go for a swim. As she begins to disrobe a butterfly greets her by landing on her shoulder. The bronze is inscribed Machault. It measures 13 inches tall. Diameter at the base is 4-1/2 inches. Widest width measures 5 inches. Weight: 7-1/2 lbs. Paul Francois Machault born in Paris in 1835, was the son of Paul Emile Machault born in 1800. Both he and his father were prominent French sculptors and exhibited at Paris salons. Paul Francois Machault sculptures are very rare. Most of them were so good that they were purchased as soon as they were offered for sale and never left France. We are very fortunate to offer such a beautiful example of his work. The sculpture we are offering has its original chocolate brown patina, she is beautifully sculptured and looks alive. Excellent condition guaranteed to please as are all our items.

75420: Antique French Gilt Bronze Cherub Bound to Term Signed E. Drouot 18 inches - 2,500.00

Wonderful Antique French Gilt Bronze Sculpture depicting a cherub in chains bound to a smiling term sculpture. The cherub is frowning because he is chained down bound to the term that stands behind him. It is signed on the naturalistic base E. Drouot (Eduord Drouot French sculptor 1849-1945). This theme is some times called Love Bound. The bronze measures 18 inches high, 6-3/4 inches wide at the base and 6-3/4 inches deep at the base. Term figures were seen in 18th century European gardens usually represented with a satyr head resting on a pedestal base. This is a rare sculpture by Drouot, the first model we have had the pleasure to purchase and offer for sale. Drouot has auction records as high as $59,000.00 for a sculpture sold in 2006. He is a very important French sculptor with many auction lot sales over the years.

72829: Antique Gilt Bronze & Rouge Marble 4 Light Candelabras - 4,500.00

Exquisite antique pair of bronze candelabras with beautiful lady mask heads sculptured on all sides. They are set in a rouge marble base with gilt bronze mountings . They measure 24-3/4 inches high to the top of the bulb. Widest width 10-3/4 inches. The high releif sculptured mask heads measure 4 inches from top to bottom. Weight 17 lbs. This is an exquisite pair of 19th century candelabras that have recently been professionally rewired and are now in excellent condition ready to plug in, illuminate and enjoy. No need to worry about faulty wiring they are safe to use. Guaranteed to please as are all our items.

72018: Antique Gilt Bronze Dancing Nude Signed E. Neuhauser - 3,850.00

Beautiful nude gilt bronze dancing nymph artist inscribed E. Neuhauser. This is an exquisite bronze showing wonderful motion, detail, and great composition . Her dancing poles have flowers and wreaths sculptured on the poles. The poles are removable for easy shipping. She's mounted on a beautiful black and gold marble base with a gilt bronze under plate. Usually bronze sculptures with a gilt bronze under plate are considered the deluxe version of the sculpture. This one has its original gilt bronze patina. Including the 1 inch marble base the sculpture measures 13 inches to the top of her pole, 11-1/2 inches to the top of her head. From the top of her extended toe to the back of the pole in her left hand measures 13 inches. Weight: 7 lbs. Excellent condition guaranteed to please as are all our items.

72032: Antique Gilt Bronze Nude Bather Signed T. Gechter - 1,780.00

Beautiful antique gilt bronze sculpture of a nude lady drying her feet while leaning against a tree stump. She measures 14-1/4 inches high. Widest width at the base 5-3/4 inches. Depth 4-3/4 inches. Weight: 12 lbs. There is some rubbing to the patina otherwise very good to excellent condition. Jean Francois Theodore Gechter 1796-1844, was born in Paris in 1796 and died there on December 11, 1844. He studied with Bosio and Gros and exhibited at the Paris salons from 1827-1844 becoming a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour in 1837. He sculptured numerous heroic figures and bas reliefs for public statuary, and also did portrait busts of his contemporaries. He was a friend of Barye, and towards the end of his career he dabbled in animalier sculpture. His sculptures are very rare and seldom found in the U.S. This one was discovered on a buying trip to South America.

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