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75176: Antique Vienna Bronze Pig - $115.00

Antique Vienna Bronze Pig. The pig dates circa 1920s. It is unsigned and unmarked. It is in very good pre owned condition and measures 2-3/8 inches long, 5/8 inch wide, 7/8 inch high. The pig has big eyes and is a very whimsical sculpture.

74169: Antique Vienna Bronze Pigeon Circa 1900 - $223.00

Beautifully sculptured and very animated antique circa 1900 Vienna bronze pigeon preening itself with its tail spread open. It is unsigned and unmarked. It has much of its original cold paint patina intact. It measures 2-1/8 inches from the pigeon's breast to the back of its tail. Widest width 1-3/4 inches. Height 1-5/8 inches. This is a beautiful antique Vienna bronze offered at a great price. Guaranteed to please as are all our items.

72931: Antique Vienna Bronze Signed Ruff 2 Nude Ladies Dancing - $3,850.00

Beautiful antique Vienna Bronze artist signed Ruff and also inscribed Made in Austria. The bronze has a lovely chocolate brown patina. It depicts 2 beautiful dancing nude ladies. One is holding a pole in her hand with ribbons. They are very animated and skillfully sculptured. They look very happy and seem to be enjoying their dance. The bronze measures, including the original marble base, 12-3/4 inches high. The base measures 1-1/8 inches high, 5 inches wide, and 3-1/2 inches deep. This is one of the best Vienna bronzes you might ever hope to find showing great motion, animation, and knowledge of human anatomy. Ruff sculptured some of the finest Vienna bronzes made during the late 19th and very early 20th centuries. His sculptures are much more rare than Bergman Foundry pieces. This gorgeous Vienna bronze is guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur.

76234: Antique Vienna Bronze Teacher With 3 Students Seated on Oriental Carpet - $1,870.00

Antique Vienna Bronze Teacher With 3 Students Seated on Oriental Carpet. It has most of its original cold paint patina intact. The teacher is holding a book and a pointer. There is an easel in the background that stands on the carpet. The underside is inscribed Made In Austria and within a rectangular lozenge is inscribed BK. The faces of the children are very animated and realistic. This is beautiful compostion of his teacher with his 3 students. The carpet measures 4 3/4 inches deep by 4 1/2 inches wide. From the bottom to the top of the teachers head it measures 2 1/2 inches high. This is a rare composition guaranteed to please any Vienna Bronze collector.

72017: Antique Vienna Bronze Two Dancing Nudes Signed Ruff - $3,850.00

Beautiful antique Vienna bronze sculpture depicting 2 nude dancing nymphs. This is a very rare Vienna Bronze sculptured by an important Vienna bronze sculptor Andreas Ruff born 1885. Several of Ruff's sculptures are pictured and listed in Berman's book on sculptors. The sculpture has a beautiful golden honey patina and is mounted on its original marble base. The back of the sculpture is inscribed Made in Austria and signed Ruff in the lower right back. The sculpture measures 11-1/2 inches high at the base. The base is 1 inch high. The sculpture measures 10-1/2 inches without the base, 5 inches deep, and 5 inches wide. Weight: 5 lbs. Excellent condition guaranteed to please as are all our items.

76238: Antique Vienna Bronze Windy Days Mechanical Erotica Sculpture On Marble Tray - $2,230.00

Antique Vienna Bronze Windy Days Mechanical Erotica Sculpture On Marble Tray. This is the famous Windy Days sculpture depicting a Orientalist lady whose dress lifts up on hinges. It was made in several size and variations. This is a beautiful example with much of its original cold paint patina intact. She stands on a carpet mounted with a back and white variagated marble vid poche. She measures with her dress up 8 3/4 inches high. With her dress down she measures 6 7/8 inches high. The circular vide poche measures 6 3/4 inches wide from side to side. This one is in excellent condition. Guaranteed to please and delight the new owner.

76063: Antique Vienna Bronze Woman with Borzoi Russian Wolfhound Signed St. Schwartz - $2,770.00

Antique Vienna Bronze Woman with Borzoi Signed St. Schwartz (Stephan Schwartz, Austrian Sculptor 1851-1924). The sculpture depicts a circa 1900 lady being happily greeted by her Russian wolfhound who has his paws almost to her shoulders with his head up high trying to kiss her. She has her head tilted back a little bit to keep the dog from licking her face. This is a wonderful antique Vienna bronze very rare and very animated. Bronzes depicting Russian wolfhounds are sought after, I am sure this one will reach the right collector who will treasure it. The bronze is in excellent condition. It measures 16-1/2 inches to the top of the ladies head. Widest width 7-1/4 inches. Depth 5 inches. Weight 16.4 pounds.

72057: Antique Vienna Gilt Bronze Seated Nude Lady Bergman - $3,850.00

Extremely rare and possibly unique antique Vienna gilt bronze seated nude lady. The sculpture has the incised Bergman foundry seal. The sculpture depicts a beautiful gilt bronze nude lady seated on a tree trunk, holding her left foot. This is a beautiful composition, a wonderful sculpture in absolutely mint condition. The bottom of the base has 2 holes. This may have been attached to some sort of base at one time. The sculpture rests and stands perfectly on the tree roots attached to the trunk. Her face is beautiful as is the entire sculpture. She measures 6-1/2 inches high. From her right toe to her right elbow she measures 4-3/4 inches. Weight 1-3/4 lbs. This will make a wonderful addition to any Vienna bronze or sculpture collection. I doubt a finer example could exist in any better condition than this one. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a magnificent and extremely rare Bergman foundry antique Vienna gilt bronze nude. Excellent condition guaranteed to please as are all our items.

72034: Art Deco Bronze Tiger Signed J. Merculiano Dated 1914 - $2,500.00

Beautiful Art Deco bronze tiger signed J. Merculiano and dated 1914. There is a very good listing on this Italian sculptor unfortunately there are not many bronzes that have appeared at auction or come on the market by this artist. The sculpture is extremely life like. Great attention was paid to the detail of this composition. The gnarling on the surface of the bronze and hand finished work makes this bronze different than any other animalier bronze sculpture. From the base to the top of the tiger's rear foot it measures 7 inches. The base measures 1-3/4 inches high, 6-1/2 inches wide, and 4-1/4 inches deep. The sculpture not including the signed polished stone base measures 5-1/4 inches high. Weight: 7 lbs. The base is signed, dated, and beautifully made. This is an extremely rare sculpture the first and only by this artist we have seen or have had the pleasure to offer for sale. It is in superb original condition. Guaranteed to please as are all our items.

73614: Art Deco Nude Bronze Female Dancer Signed Schmidt-Hofer - $2,500.00

Beautiful antique Art Deco nude dancing lady inscribed Schmidt-Hofer. Schmidt-Hofer sculptured some of the finest Art Deco nude bronze women from the very early 1900s. This bronze is circa 1910. It depicts a beautiful nude lady dancing with her hands and arms in a very expressive motion. She is anatomically perfect. Her face is beautiful and her expression very serene. She is set on a burgundy variegated marble base set on a darker variegated marble base at the bottom. The sculpture measures 14 inches from the bottom to the top of her left hand, not including the base. She measures more than 18 inches high including the base. The base measures 3-3/4 inches wide, 5-1/4 inches deep and 4 inches high. It is inscribed behind her left foot Schmidt-Hofer. This is a beautiful nude dancer in excellent condition guaranteed to please the most particular sculptor, collector, or connoisseur.

56583: Art Nouveau French Bronze Dancer Signed Moren - $2,500.00

Beautiful antique Art Nouveau French bronze dancer artist signed Moren. She is in the form of the Flapper era dancing with plumed feathers and a boa. At the base are 4 swans, one in each corner. She is mounted on a dark green marble base. This is a very expressive and animated sculpture. The first antique bronze dancer of this model we have seen. Height 11-1/2 inches including the 1 inch base, widest width 4-1/2 inches. The base is 5-1/8 inches deep by 4-1/2 inches wide. The bronze is in excellent condition.

72087: Art Nouveau Gilt Bronze Female Bust Signed A. Caron - $2,500.00

Ultimate quality magnificent gilt bronze lady bust signed A. Caron. The detail and quality of this superb bronze sculpture is typical of this French sculptor's best work. The lady is so well sculptured she looks alive. You can almost hear her breathing. The detail and quality are as good as it gets. This sculpture will make a wonderful paperweight bronze or cabinet displayed bronze. This will be a very welcomed addition to any connoisseur's collection. Height 4-1/2 inches. Widest width from shoulder to shoulder 1-3/4 inches. Weight 3/4 lbs. It is artist signed A. Caron on the back. Excellent original condition guaranteed to please as are all our items.

72765: Art Nouveau Nude Female Dancer Tambourine V.Seifert - $3,400.00

Exquisite antique nude lady dancer with tambourine. She is inscribed on the base V. Seifert (Victor Heinrich Seifert) a very important and well listed German sculptor. The model we are offering for sale is an exquisitely perfectly proportioned beautiful dancing lady holding a tambourine in her hand as she dances. She is very animated and beautifully sculptured. She actually looks alive. She is mounted on her original high quality specimen marble green base. She's wearing two large flowers on either side of her heaid. She looks very happy dancing nude with her tambourine enjoying life. From the bottom of the base to the top of her head she measures 10-7/8 inches. Not including the original marble base the bronze measures 7-1/2 inches high. From her right fingertip to her left elbow she measures 3-3/4 inches. Weight 2.75 lbs. She is in excellent condition with a beautiful honey chocolate patina. This bronze is as good as they get. If you like beautiful nude ladies this sculpture is for you. Guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur.

72848: Art Nouveau Patinated Metal Bookends Nude Ladies - $394.00

Beautiful pair of antique Art Nouveau bronze over white metal nude lady book ends. The book ends are very well sculptured and are in good condition showing minor rubbing and losses commensurate with age and handling. The nude ladies have sweet faces and look very comfortable. The bookends measure 6-3/4 inches wide, 3-3/4 inches deep, and 6-1/4 inches high. Weight 11 lbs. Guaranteed to please as are all our items.

75430: Art Nouveau Style Bronze Belt Buckle Signed Mucha 99 - $295.00

Beautiful Art Nouveau lady's portrait sculptured bronze belt buckle signed Mucha 99 on her right shoulder. This may be after MUCHA . The Art Nouveau lady has a high relief sculptured head piece and long flowing hair. She is beautifully cast in bronze and can be worn by adding a leather belt to the back. The portrait head measures 4-3/4 inches from top to bottom. From the back to the tip of her nose it measures 3-1/4 inches. Weight 284.2 grams. It is in excellent condition.

75428: Auguste Moreau (French 1834-1917) Bronze Figure Child Gourmet - $1,240.00

Beautiful antique bronze sculpture of a nude child gourmet tasting from his finger the contents of the caldron he is cooking in. At the base is a stirring and tasting spoon, firewood burning and high relief sculptured vegetables. It is inscribed Aug. Moreau on the left side of the bronze base. The child gourmet has a very expressive face as he sticks his finger in his mouth after dipping it in the caldron. This is a rare, 19th century French bronze by the master sculptor Auguste Moreau. The bronze measures 7 inches high to the top of the putto's head. Length of the base is 5-5/8 inches, width of base is 4-3/4 inches. It measures 5-5/8 inches to the top of the caldron. Weight 5.6 lbs. This bronze will make a wonderful addition to any collection and would make a wonderful gift to any gourmet chef or cook to put on their desktop as a pen or pencil holder or add to an existing collection. As I write this description I am using it as a pencil holder and am admiring the wonderful detail and excellent quality of this antique French bronze sculpture. It has a lovely medium chocolate brown patina. It is guaranteed to please any collector.

75255: Beautiful Antique Art Nouveau Nude With Children Bronze Tray Louchet - $556.00

Beautiful Antique Art Nouveau High Relief Sculptured Bronze Tray depicting a reclining nude lady with very long hair. There are 7 high relief sculptured faces and partial bodies of children decorating the border of the tray. It also has high relief sculptured flowers along the top of the tray. It looks like the work of Korschann. It has a foundry stamp that reads PARIS LOUCHET CISELEUP. The tray is in excellent condition. It shows traces of gilding on the woman's hair and some of the children. The tray measures 7-7/8 inches long, 5-1/8 inches wide and 7/8 inch high. This is an exquisite antique French foundry marked sculptured jewelry tray or cabinet sculpture. It will look gorgeous wherever you place it. It is guaranteed to please the most particular and advanced Art Nouveau collector.

75508: Beautiful Antique Austrian Bronze & Ivory Blotter Boy Ram Signed P.Tezcsczezuk - $1,600.00

Beautiful Antique Austrian Bronze & Ivory Blotter Boy With His Pet Baby Ram Signed P.Tezcsczezuk. This rare Austrian bronze and ivory sculpture is signed P. Tezcsczezuk on the back next to the AR foundry seal. The boy is embracing his pet baby ram while he sits on top of the blotter. It is in excellent condition and guaranteed to please as are all our items. It measures 5 inches wide, 4 inches high to the top of the boys head, and 3 inches deep from back of blotter to side of boys left foot. Weight 1.6 lbs. This is a very rare antique bronze and ivory sure to please the new owner.

75510: Beautiful Antique Bronze & Ivory Sculpture CARMEN Signed Bailly - $3,850.00

Beautiful Antique Bronze & Ivory Sculpture CARMEN Signed Bailly. This is an exquisite bronze and ivory in excellent condition. The sculpture depicts a dancing lady Carmen with castanets in her hands. The sculpture shows great animation, it was sculptured by English sculptor Bailly. Bailly is one of the few English sculptors that sculptured bronze with ivory. She has a beautiful face, this is a wonderful composition. She measures 8-1/4 inches high to the top of her wrist. The base measures 2-1/8 inches wide by 2-1/8 inches deep. From the tip of her shawl covering her right arm to the tip of her baby finger it measures 5 inches across. Weight 3.2 lbs. This is a very rare and wonderful antique English signed bronze and ivory worthy of the finest collection.

72954: Beautiful Antique Bronze Angel IL BAT Signed H. Giraud - $3,940.00

Beautiful antique bronze sculpture artist signed H. Giraud (Henri Giraud 19th Century Listed French Sculptor). The bronze angel is in excellent condition. The angel holds an arrow in one hand and listens to a beating heart held in his other hand. The model we are offering has its original titled plaque IL BAT. The bronze is in superb condition with a beautiful rich chocolate brown patina. Cupid's wingspan is 9 inches. From his elbow to his finger tip he measures 9 inches wide. Height 20-3/4 inches. Weight 13.5 lbs. This is one of the most beautiful Cupid or angel bronzes you might ever hope to find. Certainly the finest example of this sculpture we have had the pleasure to see, purchase, and offer for sale. Guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur.

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